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Gene Fusions and Translocations

Gene fusions can occur as a result of chromosomal inversions, interstitial deletions, or translocations in the genome. Gene fusions can drive cancer development and progression, making them important therapeutic targets. Archer technology is purpose-built for accurate, powerful and scalable gene fusion detection with next generation sequencing.

Detected in the following assays:

Archer FusionPlex
RNA assays

Copy number variations (CNVs)

Copy number variation (CNV) is a common form of structural genomic aberration in which large regions of the genome are deleted or duplicated. Constitutional and somatic CNVs are associated with a wide variety of cancers and represents an important area of research. Archer technology enables highly-multiplexed, quantitative assessment of genomic regions through next generation sequencing

Detected in the following assays:

Archer VariantPlex
DNA assays

Insertions/Deletions (indels)

Insertions and deletions (indels) are mutations of the genome resulting from the omission or addition of nucleotides into a sequence of DNA. Indels can alter amino acid coding sequence and cause detrimental cellular effects. Archer technology is uniquely suited for indel detection due to novel chemistry and powerful next generation sequencing analysis.


Single Nucleotide Variants/Polymorphisms (SNVs, SNPs)

Point mutations, single nucleotide variants (SNV) or single base substitutions of the genome can have various implications on cellular function, and can cause or lead to diseases of the genome – like cancer. Archer technology enables the precise targeting of the genome for nucleotide-level detection of point mutations with next generation sequencing.


RNA Gene Expression

Gene expression is a measure of functional RNA that can provide critical insights into cellular origin and regulation. The molecular signatures gathered from RNA abundance can assist in classification of tumor types. The quantitative nature of Archer technology allows for measuring relative RNA abundance so researchers can get more information from next generation sequencing.

Detected in the following assays:

Archer FusionPlex
RNA assays

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