Archer Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) Chemistry

Developed by molecular pathologists, AMP is a rapid and scalable method to generate target-enriched libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS). AMP technology can be used for applications in targeted RNA sequencing, genomic DNA sequencing and genotyping applications, easily generating a sequencing library in a matter of hours. Designed for low nucleic acid input, this process delivers robust performance across a variety of sample types.

AMP is a robust platform to create target-enriched NGS libraries that excel over traditional PCR-based preparation methods. Unidirectional gene-specific primers (GSPs) enrich for both known and unknown mutations. Adapters that contain both molecular barcodes  and sample indexes permit quantitative multiplex data analysis, read deduplication and accurate mutation calling.

Detect gene fusions with the Archer® FusionPlex® System

Reverse transcription, First and second strand cDNA synthesis
End repair, phosphorylation and dA-tailing
Target-specific PCR 1
Target-specific PCR 2
Sequencing-ready library

Detect indels, SNPs and CNVs with the Archer® VariantPlex™ System

Fragmentation, end repair, phosphorylation and dA-tailing
  • Novel non-mechanical digestion and polishing in a single tube
  • 30-minute batch processing
  • Maximizes recovery without additional instrumentation
Target-specific PCR 1
Target-specific PCR 2
Sequencing-ready library

Why AMP is better for target NGS enrichment

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Strand Specific Priming

See how Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP) chemistry is better than traditional opposing primer-based enrichment because strand-specific priming allows you to identify and correct for deamination events that would otherwise lead to false-positive results.


Novel Fusion Detection

Anchored Multiplex PCR enables the detection of targets of interest, including any known or novel fusion partners by using target-specific uni-directional primers along with reverse primers, that hybridize to the sequencing adapter that is ligated to each fragment prior to amplification


Quantitative Unique Reads

Archer Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP) technology utilizes Molecular Barcode (MBC) Adapters  for error correction, sample identification, de duplication, and advanced analysis in targeted sequencing NGS applications.

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