Archer FusionPlex

Archer® FusionPlex® Kits are purpose-built for gene fusion detection using next-generation sequencing (NGS) on Illumina® and Ion Torrent platforms.

Each kit generates target-enriched cDNA libraries from RNA, even from FFPE samples. Produced libraries can be analyzed, free of charge, with Archer Analysis, an optimized in silico bioinformatics solution that clearly presents detected fusions, breakpoints and variants with robust statistical quality assurances. Each platform-specific kit contains all the primers, enzymes and buffers needed to prepare your target-specific library from input nucleic acid. The lyophilized enzymes and buffers for each step are aliquoted into color-coded 8-tube strips, and the tubes for each step are individually wrapped in mylar bags for maximum stability, minimal sample cross-contamination and rapid library preparation.

Molecular Barcode Adapters are required and supplied separately for multiplexing and sample-tracking flexibility.

Key features of the Archer FusionPlex system

  • No prior knowledge of fusion partners and breakpoints required
  • Detect known and novel gene fusions from as little as 20ng input nucleic acid from FFPE samples.
  • Objective sequence-based data compared to subjective FISH analysis
  • Novel enrichment chemistry yields high on-target percentage
  • Random start sites improve sequence data quality

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

1 Choose your Archer FusionPlex Kit

Archer Custom Panels Archer Custom Panels

Bundle your preferred genes and exons with our simple lyophilized workflow, fusion detection technology and comprehensive analysis pipeline.

Archer FusionPlex Oncology Research Kit Oncology Research Kit

Detect 75 gene fusion targets and any known and unknown fusion partners with this comprehensive NGS based assay.

Archer FusionPlex Comprehensive Lung Thyroid Kit FusionPlex CTL Kit

NGS target-enrichment kit to detect gene fusions, SNVs and indels in 31 thyroid and lung cancer-implicated genes

Archer FusionPlex Solid Tumor Kit Solid Tumor

Characterize fusions and mutations of over 50 genes linked to various solid tumors, including carcinomas, sarcomas and lymphomas.

Archer FusionPlex ALK RET ROS v2 Kit ALK RET ROS
v2 Kit

Detect and identify fusions and mutations of human ALK, RET and ROS1 genes, including mutations involved in crizotinib resistance.

Archer FusionPlex Sarcoma Kit Sarcoma

Locate and characterize fusion partners of 26 genes associated with these soft tissue cancers using this NGS-based assay.

Myeloid Focus Kit

Identify fusions and point mutations in critical myeloid targets, including ABL1, in this 10-target blood cancer focus panel

Heme V2 Kit

Identify fusions of 20 genes associated with hematological malignancies


RNA-based kit detects fusions, point mutations and relative expression levels of 81 genes associated with ALL

Myeloid Kit

RNA-based panel detects fusions, point mutations and relative expression levels of 84 genes associated with myeloid malignancies

Lymphoma Kit

Lymphoma targeted next-generation sequencing assay detecting and identifying fusions, point mutations and expression levels in RNA transcripts of 125 genes

Pan-Heme Kit

Detect and identify point mutations, fusions and RNA expression levels and imbalances in over 199 genes relating to myeloid and lymphoid malignancies

2 Select your Archer MBC Adapters

These half-functional universal adapters are at the center of the FusionPlex workflow and include primer-binding, index and barcode sequences necessary for:

  • Target cDNA amplification
  • Platform-specific sequencing
  • Multiplex sample identification
  • De-duplication and error correction
MBC Adapters

3 Select your fusion controls

Archer® SureShot™ ALK RET ROS1 fusion-positive and -negative controls are formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) curls of homogeneously mixed, genetically defined cell lines.

Archer® SureShot™
ALK RET ROS1 Fusion Controls

About the Archer FusionPlex system

The Archer FusionPlex Assay system generates target-enriched cDNA libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS). The system leverages Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) to selectively amplify cDNAs of specific genes of interest in a sample along with any fusion partners, known or unknown.

The libraries are ready for single sample or multiplex sequencing on Illumina® or Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing platforms. The sequencing data is then analyzed using Archer Analysis to detect true positive calls for gene fusions (both known and unknown), isoforms, insertions/deletions (indels) and single nucleotide variants.

And the FusionPlex system can do this with as little as 20ng input nucleic acid from FFPE samples.

FusionPlex System

Why use Archer FusionPlex Kits for mutation detection?

AMP™ Chemistry

Learn more about AMP Chemistry

Archer FusionPlex Assays are powered by powerful Anchored MultiPlex PCR (AMP) technology. Unlike traditional opposing primer-based library preparation techniques, AMP utilizes random start sites to generate greater library diversity and attain target recovery of short fragments.

Efficient Workflow

Learn more about the FusionPlex workflow

All FusionPlex Kits include platform-specific reagents, lyophilized enzymes and take 2.5 hours hands-on time with 9.5 hours total preparation.

Comprehensive Analysis

Learn more about Archer Analysis

Archer Analysis is a complementary software suite that provides in-depth sequencing data analysis and interpretation. Archer Analysis was designed for secure data analysis and reporting. The software is available as a free download comprised of a fully contained set of virtual machine images that are installed on your servers, so proprietary or confidential information remains securely behind your firewall.

Videos featuring FusionPlex

Archer FusionPlex: The new standard in NGS-based gene fusion detection.

RNA is better for fusion detection than hybrid capture

AMP is better for novel fusion detection

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.