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Beyond catalog panels, Archer provides two different levels of service for users interested in creating custom Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) enrichment assays. Both service levels utilize the advantages of AMP chemistry, an easy workflow, and analysis software.

Assay Designer

Design your own custom NGS panel with intuitive online tools

Assay Designer highlights

Online design tools utilize functionally-validated primers in order to provide customized RNA and DNA assays quickly and economically.

  • Customized — Select from hundreds of pre-designed and tested genes or create new target designs
  • Fast — Receive your custom Anchored Multiplex PCR panel in as little as 2 weeks
  • Powerful — Our cutting-edge primer design algorithm ensure superior coverage in both DNA and RNA

  •   Balanced primers
  •   Validated primers
  •   RNA fusions
  •   Full exon coverage
  •   Wet lab validation
  •   RNA expression
  •   DNA CNV


Start your custom design now

Designer Pro

Validated and optimized custom assays for better coverage and on-targetting

Designer Pro Highlights

For those looking for the ultimate in performance and assay customization, Archer’s team of scientists is ready to develop and deliver validated assays based on your content list.

  • Proven performance — Your panel is iteratively designed and functionally validated on a range of sample type and qualities
  • Expert designs — Our PhD level scientists incorporate their vast knowledbase of primer designs, primer behavior and molecular biology into your panel design
  • Full support — from research to data reviews, kit configuration, training and post launch support, we’ve got you covered

  •   Balanced primers
  •   Validated primers
  •   RNA fusions
  •   Full exon coverage
  •   Wet lab validation
  •   RNA expression
  •   DNA CNV


Get help creating a validated primer panel with Designer Pro

Get extra confidence and performance with Designer Pro Assays

Need validation?

When you can’t leave anything to chance, Archer provides a higher level of custom service with its Designer Pro Panels. These panels receive the same level of attention that Archer’s catalog products receive, resulting in high-performance, wet-lab validated assays that meet the strictest customer requirements.

Designer Pro Process

All Archer Designer Pro Panels go through an iterative design process in order to achieve the high levels of performance. By following the same process Archer employs to develop catalog products, Designer Pro assays have the following characteristics:

  • 1. Optimize assay for input material
  • 2. Test primers functionally
  • 3. Balance primers for superior
  • 4. Fine-tune thermal cycling protocol

Get an Archer Designer Pro custom assay quote

Interested in a custom, validated Archer VariantPlex or FusionPlex next-generation sequencing library prep panel? Fill out this form to get a quote based on your needs. Please include details on the type of targets (gene fusions, exons, introns, mutations, SNPs, InDels or CNVs), starting material (DNA, RNA, FFPE, fine need aspirate, etc.), desired read depth and volume so our scientific support and sales teams can best meet your needs. Thanks!

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