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Archer FusionPlex system is modular

AMP technology is at the center of the Archer FusionPlex® and Archer VariantPlex™ systems, which is designed with simplicity in mind. The benchtop-stable, lyophilized reagents in single-use format are ideal for processing any number of samples and are well-suited for scale-up and automation.

Archer's Convenient Kit Format

All FusionPlex and VariantPlex kits include gene-targeting primers, easy-to-handle lyophilized enzymes and Illumina® or Ion Torrent™ platform-specific reagents to generate targeted libraries ready for sequencing. Note that Molecular Barcode Adapters are also required, but provided separately for sequencing flexibility.

Assay-specific primers

These gene-specific primers enable amplification on your specific targets of interest


Each kit includes lyophilized enzymes and platform-specific reagents for library prep

Molecular Barcode Adapters (MBCs)

Platform-specific half-functional universal adapters for quantitative analysis are provided separately for multiplexing and sample-tracking flexibility

Also, most of the reagents are lyophilized and aliquoted into 8-tube strips to avoid the need to make master mixes and minimize the risk of sample cross-contamination


RNA Workflow

  • Identify known and novel fusions and splice variants in a single assay
  • Compatible with 20ng input RNA from FFPE
  • PreSeq™ QC Assay identifies low-quality samples prior to library prep

DNA Workflow

  • Identify SNVs, indels and CNVs in a single assay
  • Compatible with 10ng input DNA from FFPE
  • Molecular barcodes and unique start sites support mutation calling and quantitative data analysis
  • Integrated fragmentation eliminates need for mechanical shearing

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