Democratizing Precision Oncology

The global fight against cancer requires personalized molecular detection tools that are personal, actionable, and easy to use in local settings.

What We Do

Empower clinicians to practice precision oncology.

ArcherDX, Inc. addresses the limitations associated with using next-generation sequencing (NGS) by offering a robust platform for targeted sequencing applications, enabling clinicians to quickly and locally generate actionable genomic information to deliver industry-leading care.

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Solving the Most

Complex Genomic Problems

We believe we have overcome the challenges of accuracy, utility, turnaround time and economics of genomic analysis with our flexible product development platform that can generate hundreds of products so cancer patients with almost any cancer type can receive therapy informed by a genomic test. 


We believe our purpose built AMP chemistry can accurately detect complex, as well as known and unknown, mutations. This allows us to provide actionable information to clinicians to better inform treatment.


Our products can test across a multitude of sample types, not limited to blood and tissue, targeting DNA, RNA and ctDNA in order to provide higher resolution and a more comprehensive view of mutations. Our platform enables rapid and efficient customization of biomarker targets. Together, we believe these features open additional areas of clinical application within therapy optimization and monitoring of early-stage cancer.

Turnaround time

Our products enable local testing, accelerating time to results while also allowing the original clinician to maintain sample custody. The reduction in time to actionable results accelerates clinical decisions, which we believe improves clinical care as intervention can occur sooner.


We have designed a flexible platform that seeks to empower providers in all patient care settings to participate in economics of precision oncology testing.

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