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How to decipher noisy regions with per-variant sensitivity detection

Background noise isn’t static, so why should your sensitivity threshold be static? Traditional limit of detection measurements are based on static thresholds which average this noise, but Archer® scientists have recently developed a method to model the noise at each base position requiring only a small set of samples. This method allows for position-specific sensitivity thresholds, termed 95 MDAF, which increases confidence in variant detection in noisy regions.

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Validation of the Archer® FusionPlex® Sarcoma Panel

A paper published in The Journal for Molecular Diagnostics shows a direct comparison between the Archer® FusionPlex® Sarcoma panel and conventional methods for gene fusion detection, including fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and reverse transcriptase-PCR (RT-PCR)

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High coverage and noise characterization of CEBPA for sensitive and specific variant detection

CEBPA mutations are important prognostic indicators in AML, however detecting CEBPA mutations by NGS is challenging due to high GC content. Here, we show that AMP-based NGS provides maximum coverage of CEBPA and we demonstrate the use of normalization datasets to assess the noise at each base position to calculate the per-base variant detection sensitivity across CEBPA, expressed as 95 MDAF.

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Cancer and ALK, RET, ROS1 gene fusions

Cancer is caused by mutations in specific genes. Many of these genes, including ALK, RET and ROS1, are called driver oncogenes because they are critical to the survival, growth and proliferation of cancer cells

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NGS tests that match the pace of discovery

The modularity of Archer®’s AMP™ chemistry allows users to create personalized NGS panels with the utmost flexibility and confidence. With coverage, panel uniformity and on-target reads at >90%, your custom test is guaranteed to work for your applications. Additionally, any Archer® test is future-proof. When your team decides upon an updated list of key gene targets, simply add gene targets to an existing panel, or create an entirely new custom panel, without sacrificing performance.

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