The Archer® VariantPlex CFTR panel is a targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) test to detect known and unknown variants in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene. Independent, unidirectional primers amplify large genomic regions, enabling detection of select intronic variants and exonic mutations as well as large deletions that would otherwise be difficult to detect with opposing primer techniques.
Key Features
High-confidence mutation calling

Bidirectional coverage from independent unidirectional primers combat allelic dropout.

Comprehensive variant detection

Exonic and select intronic variant coding, in addition to canonical hotspots, enabling pan-ethnic CFTR coverage.

Simple, lyophilized workflow

Practical for both high- and low-throughput laboratories, enabling flexible batch size with zero reagent waste.

Specifications and Performance


Annotated Mutations Covered


Total Target Size

≥ 10ng

Input DNA required‡

> 99.9%

Coverage Uniformity > 20% Mean†

2.5 hours

Hands-On Time

1 Day

Total Time



Blood, Saliva, Buccal Cells, DBS Punch

Sample Types

†Expected coverage uniformity at the recommended read depth.
‡input recommendations for FFPE samples vary depending on Archer PreSeq® DNA QC score. 50ng input recommended in absence of PreSeq screening

Gene Targets

NeeD to Modify Your Panel?

Add any of our wet lab-validated designs to this panel with Archer Assay Designer to build an assay that fits your exact requirements.

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