We’re Right Where You Need Us.

ArcherDX is a leading genomics company democratizing precision oncology.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, ArcherDX is breaking down the barriers to the broad adoption of personalized genomic cancer care.

We aim to ensure patients anywhere are offered the right test with highly accurate results at the right time. We have research use only products available and are developing and seeking regulatory clearances for next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based diagnostics.

Patients may benefit when they are treated based on the genetic drivers of their disease. This is especially true for cancer.1

Archer has built a collaborative network where the original clinical researchers can freely share information using our software. As the network grows, so does our understanding of the diseases we aim to tackle.

Our goal is to give providers and patients the hope and peace of mind that they have done everything within their power to ensure best-in-class care.

  1. Hyman DM, et al. Implementing Genome-Driven Oncology. Cell. 2017;168(4):584‐599
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