New applications using Archer NGS assays

The Archer® internship program offers a first-hand experience working in genomics, oncology, high-throughput sequencing, clinical diagnostics and marketing in Boulder, Colorado. During the 12-week program, interns will work alongside scientists, engineers and business leaders while making significant contributions to the company.

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Software Intern (ADX-05-19, ADX-06-19)

Push the frontier of precision medicine as a Software Intern. The internship will be a great opportunity to be introduced to real world experience in clinical diagnostics in the oncology space. The experience will immerse you in Archer's cutting edge targeted sequencing assay and to the array of its real world applications; including the detection of: CNVs, Lymphoma Subtypes, Somatic Mutations in FFPE and ctDNA, Gene Fusions, Structural Variations and VDJ Clonotypes. And these are just the applications that have been commercialized, the R&D team continually works towards new applications in both the RUO and CDx space. Opportunities are also available in supporting our vast array of tools in the cloud.


David McConnell

"I interned at Archer on the software team the summer before my last semester of undergrad, immediately feeling welcome when I showed up. During the first portion of my internship, I grew significantly as a developer under the mentorship of Jody Stephens, improving my python use and learning how to effectively unit test the software I was writing. Later on I learned SQL and continued to improve my python by working on our gene fusion database under the guidance of Aaron Berlin. Interning at Archer piqued my interest in the realm of bioinformatics, leading me to take a class on the subject during my last semester of school, solidifying my desire to join the field. Being offered the opportunity, I joined the Archer team as a full-time employee and have continued to grow as a software developer in the midst of a group of people who are truly passionate about what they do."

David McConnell

"My internship at ArcherDX the summer before my senior year was an incredibly valuable experience that undoubtedly has helped shape my career today. I interned as a Biotechnology Project Management intern working with the product and marketing teams. I was specifically interested in this internship because I studied chemical and biological engineering with a minor in business and I wanted more exposure to the business side of biotechnology. The position at Archer allowed me to do just that, and it was through that role that I discovered my passion for marketing and learned skills that I apply in my job today. I currently work in marketing at another biotechnology company and I know I would not have this job if it wasn’t for my time at Archer. Not only was it a great learning opportunity but it was also an amazing environment to work. Everyone was very inviting, friendly and willing to help if I needed it. I was surrounded by so many smart and driven individuals who really believed in the technology and wanted to work hard to push the company to reach it's goals. It was really inspiring."

Asia Hall
Asia Hall

Matthew Markman

"Being a bioinformatics intern at ArcherDx provided exposure to real world bioinformatics problems and a talented team capable of solving those problems. I learned a ton about contributing as part of a high-powered team, the life cycle of software development, and learned valuable technical skills I rely on heavily now. Most importantly, the supportive environment challenged me to learn, make mistakes, and ultimately grow into a better scientist and software engineer. I would highly recommend an internship at ArcherDx."

Matthew Markman

"I loved my experience with ArcherDX as an intern. I firmly believe it was the best way to be introduced to bioinformatics and the world of professional software development. The skills and knowledge I have gained working with the company serve me well in my current pursuits and studies, and will doubtlessly continue to empower me in the future."

Paul Comeau
Paul Comeau

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Internship FAQs

Who is eligible for an internship?

Internships are open to college students of all degree levels.

How much does an intern get paid and what are the perks?

Interns are paid a market-competitive hourly rate. There are opportunities for networking and participation in company and department events, in addition to intern program activities.

Can internships lead to full-time employment at Archer?

Yes. We have had mutliple interns go on to full-time careers at Archer.

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