When career and passion gracefully collide

By Krista Selvy on Wed Jul 22, 2015

24. I sat in that room, staring at the small silver clock on the stark wall, and couldn’t believe what I had just been told. I was only 24, with a one-year-old on my lap and a husband who bravely held my hand and what felt like the entire world at my fingertips. This couldn’t be happening to ME.

The doctor gave me a piteous smile—a kind of "I’m so sorry, but I have to move on to my next patient so I’m not late getting off work" smile.

"See you in surgery!" she chirped.

The door closed and I squeezed my daughter, and stared at those words in front of me… Multiple lumps... Biopsies... BRCA1 mutation... Surgery recommended...

I felt like a ticking time bomb

That was the first time I remember really FEELING the gravity of cancer. It took a big scare, surgeries, multiple family battles, and loved ones lost to ignite a passion in me to fight.

Several years later I was sitting in my office staring at numbers, calculating others’ net worth and sales and financial achievements, and feeling lost. I wanted to contribute to people—to make my work and passions mean something. My deeper dreams had been pushed to the wayside to earn more money for someone else. I knew I had to make a change, but didn’t know where to start. How could an Operations Manager contribute anything other than miniscule assistance in the grand scheme of life?

Passion Meets ArcherDX

I started searching... Putting my heart and skills and passions and values on a platter for others to scrutinize and either reject or accept. I ultimately found a home here at ArcherDX as the Administrative Operations Coordinator.

Over the past six months of working at Archer, I have become increasingly proud and excited to work for a company whose underlying mission is aligned with mine. To serve, to excite and motivate others to do the same, and to dedicate time, intellectual energy, products and passion to better others. I have been grateful to discover that Archer’s employees’ motives are genuine. Each person in this building has a personal drive and motivation to excel in their function in order to achieve our goals as a Team. I have never felt such a thirst and excitement to contribute to a goal. I feel blessed.

Most of all, I love to see the progress made each day here at Archer; to be a part of a team that celebrates when lives are changed or products are released that will ultimately assist in treating and eradicating cancer and genetic diseases. We rally around those who are holding the hands of their family or friends who are fighting for their lives, and encourage each other to keep fighting the fight and running the race, because it makes a difference.

The future is full of exciting possibilities, both for ArcherDX and myself...

About Krista Selvy

Krista Selvy is a blogger, mom and the Administrative Operations Coordinator for ArcherDX, Inc.

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