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Comprehensive detection of all major classes of MET deregulation by Anchored Multiplex PCR and next-generation sequencing

Abstract #742
Sunday, April 2, 1:00p-5:00p
Section 31, Poster 8

Brian A. Kudlow1, Josh Haimes1, Marc Bessette1, Namitha Manoj1, Laura M. Griffin1, Danielle Murphy2, Robert Shoemaker2, Jason Amsbaugh1, Joshua Stahl1.
1ArcherDX, Boulder, CO; 2Ignyta, San Diego, CA

Introduction: Deregulation of the proto-oncogene, MET, confers an aggressive phenotype in a variety of human cancers, promoting proliferation, invasive growth and angiogenesis. MET deregulation can be driven by gene amplification, overexpression, exon 14 skipping, gene fusions and single nucleotide variants (SNVs), such as kinase-activating point mutations. MET is a target of intensive drug development efforts, although the various mutated forms of MET exhibit unique drug sensitivities. Therefore, detection of these mutations has an important role in the development of drugs targeting MET, and has the potential to guide treatments for cancers driven by MET deregulation. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) enables comprehensive detection of all mutation types from whole genomes and transcriptomes. However, low detection sensitivity, high input requirement and high costs render these approaches impractical for routine detection of mutations from low-input clinical sample types. We developed a targeted NGS assay based on Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) to detect all types of mutations driving MET deregulation from a single sample.

Methods: AMP only requires a single gene-specific primer for amplification, enabling open-ended capture of DNA and cDNA fragments for NGS-based detection of known and unknown mutations. We developed AMP-based Archer® VariantPlex™ and FusionPlex® library preparation assays to detect mutations from DNA and RNA, respectively. AMP probes were designed to cover the MET gene for detection of copy numbers variants (CNVs) and SNVs from DNA, and known and novel fusions, exon skipping and expression levels from RNA.

Results: We show that the VariantPlex assay enables NGS-based detection of MET amplifications from DNA in concordance with FISH results. Further NGS analysis of RNA from the same sample using the FusionPlex assay revealed the resulting overexpression of MET. We also demonstrate that AMP-enabled open-ended capture of cDNA fragments allows for reliable detection of exon 14 skipping in FFPE samples and in cells, consistent with RT-PCR results. Parallel analysis of DNA from the cell samples revealed splice site mutations that have been previously reported to drive exon 14 skipping. Furthermore, this open-ended capture also permitted identification of a novel GTF2I:MET gene fusion in a patient-derived xenograft model. Finally, we detected an kinase-activating point mutation in MET, p.Y1253D, by analysis of genomic DNA with the VariantPlex NGS assay.

Conclusions: These results show that AMP-based VariantPlex and FusionPlex Assays enable comprehensive detection of multiple mutation types from lowinput clinical sample types, such as FFPE specimens. As MET deregulation can be driven by many different genetic aberrations, this allows for NGS-based characterization of MET deregulation from a single sample.

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Archer’s easy-to-use, lyophilized kits generate sequencing-ready libraries from RNA, DNA, and liquid biopsy-derived ctDNA. Complemented by the Archer suite of assay design and bioinformatics analysis, Archer’s FusionPlex, VariantPlex and Reveal ctDNA assays facilitate complex mutation identification and discovery, while Immunoverse assays enable quantitative profiling of the expressed immune repertoire.

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