From enhanced variant calling to immune repertoire analysis

Greater assay design and analytics with Archer software updates

The Archer® software suite complements Archer targeted NGS assays by combining intuitive design with robust functionality to provide custom assay development and accurate, sensitive analytics. Assay Designer gives you the ability to craft Archer FusionPlex®, Reveal ctDNA™ or VariantPlex™ assays tailored to your target requirements, while Archer Analysis provides automated and powerful bioinformatics.

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In this webinar, Brent Lutz and Doug Wendel detail new Assay Designer and Analysis features designed to leverage and maximize the unique power of the patented Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) target enrichment chemistry used in Archer NGS assays.
Their talk covers:

  • Enhanced variant calling via error correction and multi-sample noise reduction
  • Immune repertoire analysis
  • Archer Quiver™ Fusion Database customization
  • REST API for robust workflow integration
  • Mix & match cached targets for simple and fast custom assay design
  • Integration with third party reporting providers

Brent Lutz

About Brent Lutz

Brent Lutz is the Product Manager of Software at ArcherDX. He is trained as a biomedical engineer and has 14 years experience commercializing cutting-edge technology for a broad range of life science applications in diagnostic assay and automation development.

Outside of his Archer life, Brent is your typical Colorado outdoors enthusiast and has so far climbed 12 of the 53 mountain peaks in Colorado that extend above 14,000 feet in elevation.

Doug Wendel

About Doug Wendel

Doug Wendel is the Senior Director of Software at ArcherDX. Prior to joining the company, he worked at the University of Colorado in Dr. Robert Knight’s microbiology and genetics lab.

Though he’s been working in the bioinformatics field for over 7 years, his background includes greater than 20 years of diverse software development experience in other industries, including aerospace, digital media, and early childhood education.

“I’m an expert generalist. My primary skill lies not in any one discipline, but in seeing how the parts fit together to make a working whole.”

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