Archer announces the 2018 Research Challenge Grant Winners

Published Fri Mar 30, 2018

We are excited to announce the results of the Archer® 2018 Research Challenge Grant. The goal of this grant was to enable researchers to address relevant and challenging questions in environments where funding for research is limited. These grants provide the kits, software and support to test a hypothesis or demonstrate a novel next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based application.

Award categories included myeloid mutation tracking, liquid biopsy and immune repertoire. Due to the outstanding number of high-quality grant applications, one winner was chosen in each category, in addition to a runner-up in both the liquid biopsy and immune repertoire categories.

The recipients of the Archer 2018 Research Challenge Grant are listed below.

Competition Details

Awarded 96 reactions (12 kits)

Dina Berchanskiy

Myeloid Mutation Tracking

Blood Center of Wisconsin

Dina Berchanskiy and team will be conducting a feasibility study for detecting and monitoring mutations in patients with hematological malignancies. They will be comparing the sensitivity and workflow of Archer's VariantPlex Core Myeloid panel with previous detection methods used in the lab for blood/bone marrow specimens from subjects with advanced hematological malignancies.

Jerome Solassol

Liquid Biopsy

CHU de Montpellier Pathology

Dr. Jerome Solassol aims to investigate the utility of ctDNA in pancreatic cancer. The Archer Reveal ctDNA kit will be assessed in metastatic pancreatic cancer cases as a potential substitute for gold standard tissue biopsy procedures for diganosis and therapeutic development.

Pamela Ward

Immune Repertoire

Keck Medicine of USC

Using the Archer Immunoverse beta/gamma TCR Assay, Dr. Pamela Ward proposes to investigate both the quantitation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes as well as the clonality of their expression profiles as a biomarker for immunotherapry responsiveness in colorectal carcinoma patients.

Runners Up
Awarded 48 reactions (6 kits)

Niamh Appleby

Liquid Biopsy

Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Center

Dr. Niamh Appleby will be using the Archer Reveal ctDNA kit for detection of therapy-altering, low-frequency mutations in ctDNA of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and assessing it's utility in anticipating relapse or transformation, thus allowing for early treatment intervention.

Bryan Lo

Immune Repertoire

Ottawa Hospital

Using the Archer Immunoverse TCR assay, Dr. Bryan Lo and team will assess whether TCR repertoire profiling in a unique cohort of high grade serous ovarian cancer (SOC) patients can predict extreme response to platinum based chemotherapy.

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