To address the existing bottlenecks of using NGS in translational research, we’ve created a robust platform that is purpose-built for clinical oncology research.

By combining revolutionary Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry with an easy-to-use workflow and intuitive software, we are unleashing the power of translational NGS to enable accurate and scalable mutation detection.

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Archer® Blood Cancers NGS Assays

We recently announced 3 new RNA-based Archer FusionPlex® assays to detect fusions, point mutations and expression levels in genes implicated in hematological malignancies. The targeted NGS assays are powered by AMP enrichment chemistry, meaning that fusions can be identified in a single sequencing assay, even without prior knowledge of fusion partners or breakpoints. Additionally, select genes are targeted for molecular barcode-enabled relative expression level detection and key point mutation coverage.

Archer® Research Challenge Grant

What would you do with 192 free reactions (24 kits) of any Archer FusionPlex or VariantPlex™ panel? Tell us what scientific question you would address with an Archer material grant - you may be one of 5 recipients!

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Archer® Assay Designer

  • Design a tailored DNA or RNA panel to detect fusions, SNPs, Indels and CNVs in genes relevant to your research
  • Enables selection of genes and exons of interest for targeted NGS somatic mutation detection through an intuitive online user interface
  • The propriety primer-design software will select appropriate primers with optimized Tm ranges while eliminating mispriming events.

Archer® Analysis 4.1 is here!

  • Intuitive point and click interface
  • Group and user permission management
  • Fusion, SNV, Indel, CNV and expression
  • In-line visualization and genome browser
  • Quiver fusion database integration
  • Powerful run statistics and tiered result reporting
  • Customizable, PDF reports
  • Advanced variant filtering and sorting
  • Flexible configurations to suit your lab needs
  • Doug Wendel, ArcherDX Director of Software  WEBINAR: What's new
    Analysis 4.0?
    - watch the recording!

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