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To address the existing bottlenecks of using NGS in translational research, we’ve created a line of innovative products that are purpose-built for clinical oncology research.

By combining revolutionary Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry with an easy-to-use workflow and intuitive software, we are unleashing the power of translational NGS to enable accurate and scalable mutation detection.



Detect both known and novel gene fusions from degraded RNA in archived FFPE samples with the FusionPlex technology platform from ArcherDX. Stabilized, lyophilized reagents are pre-aliquoted into color-coded PCR strip tubes to dramatically simplify the hands-on workflow associated with our targeted NGS solutions. Unlike amplicon based approaches to targeted NGS library enrichment which require gene specific priming on both sides of a DNA breakpoint, ArcherDX anchored multiplex PCR (AMP) does not, enabling truly "partner agnostic" gene fusion detection by NGS. Our integrated bioinformatics analysis pipeline, Archer Analysis, provides users with simplified "point-and-click" control over complex NGS data and realtime cross reference of known RNA fusions in our Quiver database. Library preparation doesn’t have to be complicated and neither does detecting all types gene fusions.


Was your cancer mutation hotspot panel designed to work with degraded DNA from archived FFPE samples? VariantPlex, from ArcherDX, leverages anchored multiplex PCR (AMP) chemistry to deliver complex, information rich DNA libraries from low-input clinical type samples for statistically meaningful targeted NGS. ArcherDX panel content is developed in close collaboration with recognized experts in the molecular oncology research community and late-stage pharmaceutical research firms. Easy-to-use, integrated bioinformatics analysis pipeline, Archer Analysis, leverages pre-PCR molecular barcodes to correct for errors and duplications introduced during PCR to enable superior statistical confidence for every mutation identified. VariantPlex assays provide hotspot single nucleotide variant (SNV) detection, insertion/deletions (indels) and highly-multiplexed copy number variation (CNV) analysis from a single assay.

Blood cancers

We’ve recently announced 3 new RNA-based FusionPlex assays for the detection of fusions, point mutations and expression levels in genes implicated in hematological malignancies. The targeted NGS assays use Archer’s proprietary Anchored Multiplex PCR™-based enrichment, fusions of all genes in this kit can be identified in a single sequencing assay, even without prior knowledge of fusion partners or breakpoints. Additionally, select genes are targeted for molecular barcode-enabled relative expression level detection and key point mutation coverage.

Archer Research Grant

What would you do with 192 free reactions (24 kits) of any Archer FusionPlex or VariantPlex panel? Tell us what scientific question you would address with an Archer material grant - you may be one of 5 final recipients!

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