Precision Medicine World Conference 2017
Silicon Valley | January 23-25

The PMWC is the leading annual forum for personalized medicine with the broadest and most up-to-date content across all facets of precision medicine with recognized authorities and experts across healthcare and biotechnology sectors. At the conference, ArcherDX co-founder and CEO Jason Myers will chair a session on NGS-based liquid biopsy testing.

Wednesday 1/25 | Track 1 at 8am

Next-Generation Liquid Biopsy Testing:
Promises and Limitations
Session Chaired by Jason Myers, Ph.D.,
Co-founder and CEO, ArcherDX, Inc.

Session Synopsis: NGS-based liquid biopsy assays have great promise for multiple clinical applications, but challenges associated with detection sensitivity, bioinformatic analysis and validation must be overcome in order to drive routine clinical adoption. Join leaders in the field as we discuss the progress, potential and remaining obstacles of using NGS for this application.

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Jason Myers

Jason Myers

Jason Myers is co-founder and CEO of ArcherDX. Dr. Myers received his PhD in Molecular Pharmacology from Stanford University School of Medicine in 2005. During his post-doctoral fellowship, he developed novel microarray-based methods and software to investigate genome-wide regulation of post- transcriptional gene expression. Dr. Myers joined Ion Torrent shortly after the semiconductor sequencing company was formed and worked with the team to develop the novel sequencing chemistry and system. He eventually led a cross-functional product development team to further develop the Ion Torrent technology and sequencing applications. In 2013, he co-founded ArcherDX with Dr. A. John Iafrate and Dr. Long P. Le to develop NGS-based assays for clinical oncology.

John Iafrate

John Iafrate

Dr. Iafrate is the director of the Center for Integrated Diagnostics, a clinical laboratory for molecular diagnostics at Massachusetts General Hospital. He oversees the Translational Research Laboratory (TRL), a shared effort of the Pathology Department and Mass General Cancer Center. The TRL provides rapid personalized genomic testing to help inform cancer treatment decisions for patients. Dr. Iafrate joined the Massachusetts General Hospital staff in 2005. His post-doctoral work involved the discovery and description of a novel source of human genetic diversity, termed “copy number variation” (CNV). He established a cancer diagnostics lab focusing on genetic fingerprints that help guide novel, targeted therapies. His laboratory launched SNaPshot several years ago, an assay that tests over 100 of the most common mutations in tumors. His research is focused on lung and brain tumors, and he has been closely involved in the clinical development of crizotinib and companion diagnostics in ALK-positive lung cancers.

Long Phi Le

Long Phi Le

Dr. Le is a practicing molecular pathologist who is currently the Director of Technology Development at the MGH Center for Integrated Diagnostics. His clinical and research interests include development of novel target enrichment, bioinformatics analysis, and medical informatics solutions for next-generation sequencing and their application for clinical molecular diagnostics. He has a strong interest in applying big data descriptive and predictive analytics in healthcare with the goal of efficiently delivering laboratory results and clinical decision support.

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About ArcherDX

To address the existing bottlenecks of using NGS in translational research, we’ve created a line of innovative products that are purpose-built for clinical oncology research. By combining revolutionary Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry with an easy-to-use workflow and intuitive software, we are unleashing the power of translational NGS to enable accurate and scalable mutation detection.

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