Designer Pro

Archer®’s Premium Design Service

Most panels can be created within Assay Designer — an online design tool for users to build customized RNA, DNA and ctDNA assays using functionally-validated or newly designed primers quickly and economically. For customers seeking an additional layer of validation, there’s Designer Pro. Our expert scientists design, wet lab-validate and optimize the panel to your specifications. Extensive testing, data sharing and reports for signoff during development of your panel ensure optimal performance on your sample type before you receive your panels. Archer also provides full hands-on training and bioinformatic support for a quick and easy transition into your lab.

Key Features
Proven Performance

Your panel is iteratively designed and functionally validated on a range of sample types and qualities.

Expert Designs

Our PhD-level scientists incorporate their vast knowledge base of primer designs, primer behavior and molecular biology into your panel design.

Full Support

From research to data reviews, panel configuration, training and post launch support, we’ve got you covered.

Assay Designer Designer Pro
Input type FFPE, ctDNA, RNA, DNA FFPE, ctDNA, RNA, DNA
Mutation type Fusions, splicing, SNVs, indels Fusions, splicing, SNVs, indels, CNVs, expression, complex mutations
Target input Gene list, uploaded BED file, gene menu selection Gene list, uploaded BED file, gene menu selection, suggested additions
Primer selection Functionally validated primers, de novo primer design Functionally validated primers, de novo primer design
Design reports Coverage report Full in silico design report
Review Expert review Expert review
Development & testing Balanced primer mixing for functionally validated primers Balanced primer mixing, iterative design and balancing
Wet lab validation None Extensive testing on relevant sample types
Protocol optimization None Input material and panel optimized
Functional testing signoff None Data review and functional testing report
Quality control Upon request Prior to shipment
Kitting Lyophilized reagents in 8-strip test tubes Lyophilized reagents in 8-strip test tubes or 96-well plates
Inventory support Product lifetime Product lifetime with lot planning
Wet lab training Upon request Included
Data review Upon request Inlcuded
Content updates Upon request Priority updates

Designer Pro Process

All Archer Designer Pro panels go through an iterative design process in order to achieve the high levels of performance. By following the same process Archer employs to develop catalog products, Designer Pro assays have the following characteristics:

Content Review
in silico Design
Iterative Panel Development
Functional Testing & Optimization
Production & Kitting
Training & Data Review

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