Archer® MBC Adapters

The Archer® Barcode (for Ion Torrent™ instruments) and Molecular Barcode Adapters (for Illumina® instruments) are used with the following products to create target-enriched libraries for next-generation sequencing on Illumina® or Ion Torrent™ PGM platforms:

MBC Adapters are a key element in Archer Anchored Multiplex PCR chemistry. Watch the animation below to learn more about their structure and function:


Illumina Molecular Barcoding

Anchored Multiplex PCR Workflow Schematic

Archer Illumina assays utilize dual-index barcoding to distinguish between samples. The first index is added just before Step 5 (Adapter Ligation) and is embedded in the Archer MBC Adapters. The second index is added in Step 7 (Second PCR) and is embedded in the MiSeq Index 1 Primers within the Second PCR reaction.

Watch the animation below to learn more about how molecular barcodes work:



Archer MBC Adapter for Illumina® Platform

In addition to this index, Archer MBC Adapters contain molecular barcodes (MBCs) - unique nucleotide sequences that can be used to differentiate individual nucleic acid molecules in a sample. Using the Archer Analysis, individual MBCs in a sequencing reaction can be identified and de-duplicated in order to correct for late-cycle PCR artifacts or sequencing errors, enabling high-confidence calling of SNPs and other mutations.


P5 sequences (CSV)

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