CTL panel

The Archer® FusionPlex® Comprehensive Thyroid and Lung (CTL) panel is a targeted NGS panel to detect gene fusions, SNV, indels, splicing and gene expression in 36 genes associated with lung and thyroid cancers. This panel complements the Archer® VariantPlex® CTL Panel for comprehensive mutation profiling of fusions, CNVs and variants.
Key Features
Comprehensive Fusion Detection

Detect known and novel fusions in lung and thyroid cancers.

Confirm fusion events

Expression imbalance is detected from molecular barcodes for fusion confirmation.

Detect splice variants

Identify expressed EGFRvIII and MET exon 14 skipping events.

Expression profiling

Molecular barcodes enable expression profiling of relevant targets.

Streamlined, lyophilized workflow

Minimize hands-on time and replication error.

Specifications and Performance


Gene Targets


Input nucleic acid required*

> 10ng

Input Nucleic Acid Required*

1.5 million

Recommended # of Reads

> 93%

Unique Molecular On-Target %

2.5 hours

Hands-on Time

9 hours

Total Time

Illumina® and
Ion Torrent™


Fresh Frozen or FFPE

Sample Types

*Input recommendations for FFPE samples vary depending on Archer® PreSeq® RNA QC score; 50ng input recommended in absence of PreSeq® screening

Gene Targets


Single nucleotide variant (SNV)/Indel SNV/Indel
Expression Expression
Fusion Fusion, splicing or exon-skipping
Internal tandem duplication (ITD) Internal tandem duplication (ITD)
Copy number variation (CNV) CNV

NeeD to Modify Your Panel?

Add any of our wet lab-validated designs to this panel with Archer Assay Designer to build an assay that fits your exact requirements.

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