Archer Companion Diagnostic Co-Development Program
CDx Co-Development

ArcherDX combines superior targeted NGS technology with cGMP manufacturing and medical device quality standards to become the premium partner to help you develop, validate and commercialize in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests such as companion diagnostic (CDx) tests.

Archer CDx co-development process

From conception to post-launch support, Archer will be your long-term partner in IVD development.

Archer CDx co-development process

Why team up with Archer


  • Biomarker identification
  • Custom NGS panel development using superior targeted sequencing chemistry
  • FDA- and ISO 13485-compliant quality management system (QMS)


  • Companion diagnostics (CDx)
  • Research Use Only (RUO) NGS assays
  • cGMP-capable facility
  • Extensive experience in NGS assay manufacturing
  • Scalable production


  • ISO 13485 certification for medical devices
  • Support for regulatory submission and approval inside and outside US for medical devices under FDA 21 CFR part 820 QSR and part 11 software

Global reach

ArcherDX distributes ArcherĀ® products worldwide to ensure global customer access.


Archer CDx pipeline

Archer CDx for Ignyta

Entrectinib - Archer is co-developing an IVD with Ignyta, Inc. to identify and enroll patients into the Phase-2 STARTRK-2 clinical trial for entrectinib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor targeting NTRK1/2/3, ROS1 and ALK in solid tumors.

Archer CDx for Celgene

CC-122 - Archer is co-developing an IVD with Celgene to detect a proprietary gene signature to identify DLBCL patients that are most likely to respond to CC-122, a cereblon-modulating agent under investigation in multiple disease settings.

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See the Archer CDx pipeline

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If you have any technical questions, please reach out to our expert Technical Support staff through or by calling ArcherDX directly at +1.303.357.9001.

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