New applications using Archer NGS assays
New Applications

ArcherDX strives to continually widen the boundaries of science that benefits the human condition. Using Archer’s flexible Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry and world-class support, scientists and clinicians are developing new applications that redefine the scope of genomic healthcare.

Featured applications

Viral detection
Dr. Peggy Gulley is using a custom Archer ctDNA panel to detect tumor virus genomes to track tumor burden and study viral oncogenicity and antiviral drug response.  Video
Minimal Residual Disease
Dr. Todd Druley is pushing the limits of highly-sensitive variant detection to assess minimum residual disease (MRD) in pediatric patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) using next-generation sequencing (NGS).  Press release

Real-time sequencing
Learn how Dr. Cecilia Yeung is using AMP technology for rapid identification of fusions in leukemias with Oxford Nanopore™ real-time sequencing.  Video
Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes
Dr. Kurt Schalper is using AMP technology for B- and T-cell receptor sequencing from low-input FFPE cancer samples to understand responses to immunotherapy.

Future applications

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