Immune Repertoire Analysis

Archer® Immunoverse™ panels are targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests to characterize the human immune repertoire from RNA input. Powered by Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™), the lyophilized reagents uniquely tag and amplify V(D)J rearrangements for clonotype identification and frequency reporting.
Key Features

Molecular barcode-based error correction.

High sensitivity for rare clone identification.

Unbiased amplification for true and reproducible measure of diversity.

Simple library prep with a wide range of input quantities.

Transparent and user-owned analysis.

Product Information
  • DB0219 – Immunoverse – HS TCR alpha/delta/beta/gamma - 8 reactions
  • DB0221 - Immunoverse – HS BCR IGH/K/L - 8 reactions
  • DB0232 - Immunoverse - HS TCR beta/gamma - 8 reactions
  • DB0239 - Immunoverse - HS alpha/delta - 8 reactions
  • DB0240 – Immunoverse - HS BCR IGH - 8 reactions
  • DB0241 - Immunoverse - HS BCR IGK/L - 8 reactions
TCR Panel

Immunoverse TCR panels amplify T cell receptor beta/gamma or alpha/delta chains for sequencing and analysis across a wide variety of clonality and diversity applications. With targeted primers within 100 bp of the end of the CDR3 sequence of interest, the beta/gamma panel is designed for maximal sensitivity in FFPE material to profile tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). Sample inputs range from 25ng to 2μg.

BCR Panel

Immunoverse BCR panels amplify B cell receptor heavy (IGH) and light (kappa/lambda) chains for sequencing and analysis. Primers are designed to identify isotypes and subclasses in the Fc region and somatic hypermutations within the variable regions. Sample inputs range from 25ng to 6μg.

Repertoire Analysis
on Your Own Terms

Immune repertoire analysis, provides extensive clone and clonotype information in custom-filtered tables, dynamic visualizations, and full data exports to answer advanced research questions. Archer Analysis is available for private cloud and Local Installation behind your firewall.

T-cell receptor beta/gamma
T-cell receptor alpha/delta
IG heavy chain
IG kappa/lambda
Choose your own chain
Demo Data and Training Available Upon Request

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