Liquid Biopsy Tests

The Archer® LiquidPlex panel for Illumina® is an advanced and user-friendly solution for targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) of circulating cell-free tumor DNA (ccfDNA/cfDNA/ctDNA) from 28 genes commonly found mutated in solid tumor type cancers.
Key Features
Relevant fragment capture

Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™)-based target enrichment preferentially enriches for highly fragmented ctDNA fragments over genomic cell-free DNA (cfDNA) to reduce background and increase detection sensitivity of low-allelic fraction (AF) mutations.

Single-day library prep

NGS-ready libraries can be prepared in under 8 hours with less than 1 hour of hands-on time, providing sequencing results in as little as 3 days.

Error correction & quantitative analysis

Unique molecular barcode sequences ligated prior to amplification enable duplicate read binning and advanced error correction for confident variant calls.

Sensitive & robust variant detection

Reliably detect high AF (5%) variants using as little as 5ng total cfDNA input and low AF (1%) variants from as little as 10ng.

Product Information
Specifications and Performance


Gene Targets

> 5ng

Input cfDNA Required


Target Bases Covered

> 90%

Raw Molecular On-Target

1 Hour

Hands-On Time

1 Day

Total Time



Gene Targets



NeeD to Modify Your Panel?

Add any of our wet lab-validated designs to this panel with Archer Assay Designer to build an assay that fits your exact requirements.

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LiquidPlex Concordance Panel

Now you can do paired multiplex analysis of FFPE and liquid biopsy samples.

The Archer LiquidPlex Concordance panel combines Archer VariantPlex® with LiquidPlex for powerful copy number and variant detection from solid tumors and sensitive mutation detection from ctDNA, respectively. The panel also includes the Archer PreSeq® DNA QC Assay to prescreen DNA FFPE samples prior to library prep.

Concordance Panel Contents:

  • LiquidPlex reagents, 16 reactions
  • VariantPlex reagents, 16 reactions
  • Gene-specific primers, 32 reactions
  • PreSeq DNA QC Assay, 16 reactions

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