NTRK Fusion Detection

NTRK fusions are critical events in cancer genomics and are notoriously difficult to detect. Archer® FusionPlex® next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests provide sensitive NTRK fusion detection without prior knowledge of fusion partners.

NGS Library preparation methods for fusion detection


hybrid capture

hybrid capture

FusionPlex assay (RNA)
Low input requirement
Recurrent fusion detection
Novel fusion detection
Simple workflow
Rapid turn-around time
Low cost to adopt

Archer FusionPlex NGS Assays


Detect and identify gene fusions without prior knowledge of fusion partners by using patented fusion detection technology.


Minimize turn-around time with our simple lyophilized reagent workflow, optimized for high-volume labs. The streamlined workflow reduces chances of contamination and error in library preparation.


Be confident in your results by using the comprehensive Archer Analysis. A simple user interface provides in-line visualization and clear reporting. Analysis also allows for third party integration and deploys securely to the cloud or on a local server.


FusionPlex Panels

  • 75 Genes
  • 3M Reads
  • 53 Genes
  • 3M Reads
  • 36 Genes
  • 1.5M Reads
  • 14 Genes
  • .5M Reads

Build your own or modify any of the above assays.

  • 4-5 Weeks
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FusionPlex NGS Assays

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