Quiver® Fusion Database

Looking for published gene fusions? Curious if your detected fusion is really novel?

The Archer® Quiver® database is a database of 9,368 published gene fusion partners and 10,869 unique breakpoints derived from 3,006 peer-reviewed publications. Archer® Quiver® collates information from 6 publicly available information sources:

Search by individual genes or gene fusions

Archer® Quiver® can distinguish synonymous gene names in the literature, reporting on the canonical name.

Search for published data on particular gene fusions

Find Archer® FusionPlex® assays targeting your gene or fusion of interest.

Shows disease states associated with particular gene fusions in the literature

Links to existing gene-specific resources, like PubMed, OMIM, NCBI, UCSC

Database Metrics

Current database version 3.10
Genes Included 7,156
Unique Fusion Partners 9,368
Unique Breakpoints 10,869
Publications Cited 3,006


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Limitations of Use

This product was developed, manufactured, and sold for in vitro use only. The product is not suitable for administration to humans or animals. MSDS sheets relevant to this product are available upon request.

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