Custom Panels

Custom Panels

The NGS panel you really want

Design custom next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels for RNA, DNA or ctDNA input. It’s your panel, your way.

To meet the needs of every lab, we offer three custom services: Assay Marketplace, Assay Designer, and Designer Pro.

Key Features

Expert Primer Design

Primer design is the foundation of NGS-based panel performance. Our in-house experts leverage the flexibility of Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry and purpose-built algorithms to ensure our panels achieve consistent primer performance, specificity and coverage metrics with the intended input.

Simple and Intuitive

Assay Marketplace has a simple, intuitive interface that will quickly suggest the optimal panel based on your gene list using our large catalog of functionally tested designs.

Exceptional Performance

AMP primers function independently, meaning new content can be added to existing panels without compromising assay performance. Invitae’s custom panel solutions offer maximum flexibility and unparalleled performance so you can be confident that your targets will be covered.

Full Support

With Designer Pro, your panel is iteratively designed and functionally tested in the lab. From target curation to data reviews, panel configuration, training and post launch support, we’ve got you covered.

Build your custom panel

Assay Marketplace

Browse our catalog of targeted AMP chemistry-based panels, or customize your own panel for RNA, DNA, or ctDNA inputs using Archer’s Assay Marketplace. Assay Marketplace leverages our ever expanding database of predesigned, functionally-tested primers to inspire confidence in every assay’s performance. Designs are optimized for a variety of input types and disease states to help customers select the perfect panel for their needsArcher

Assay Designer

For customers looking to utilize AMP chemistry-based panels for novel applications or emerging targets, Assay Designer is an option that offers expert custom design services on a fast timeline. This service combines expertly reviewed denovo designs with functionally tested designs to deliver panels that meet the unique needs of any customer.

Designer Pro Premium Customization Service

For customers seeking an additional layer of support, there’s Designer Pro. Expert scientists work closely with customers through the entire course of development from target selection and curation through design optimization. Panels are iteratively tested in the lab to ensure specified user needs and metrics are met. We also provide full hands-on training and bioinformatic support for a quick and easy transition into your lab. 

Which option is right for you?

Assay Marketplace Assay Designer service Designer Pro service
Predesigned and functionally tested primers
De novo designs
In silico design review De novo designs generated by Assay Designer with design report and expert review De novo designs optimized via iterative testing
Functional testing
Turnaround time • 2 weeks domestic/international • 4 weeks EMEA 4-6 weeks 8-12 weeks
Minimum # of reactions 24 24 144
Maximum # of reactions 144 n/a n/a

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