Archer Analysis Unlimited
A secure and private cloud-based instance of Archer Analysis

Analysis Unlimited is a private, cloud-based instance of the Archer Analysis bioinformatics suite efficiently configured to handle hundreds of samples simultaneously.
Get the fastest analysis times without any expensive hardware or associated maintenance with Analysis Unlimited.

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Analysis Unlimited features

Archer Analysis Vault gives you ultimate data privacy - manage users and control data sharing, all behind your own firewall

Control your data

A private cloud with a unique IP address ensures your data remains yours. User and group management from within Archer Analysis enables further control within your organization.

Archer Analysis Vault has lightning-fast performance

Blazing speeds through EC2 auto-scaling

Expert configuration yields efficient management of compute resources using the power of Amazon Web Services EC2 to run hundreds of samples in parallel without breaking the bank.

Archer Analysis Vault - pay only for what you use

Pay only for what you use

No matter the throughput, Unlimited is configured to maximize your compute usage while minimizing cost.

Archer Analysis Vault comes with full support - no hardware headaches

No hardware headaches

Full support and maintenance by Archer means no hardware issues, holdups or headaches. Unlimited allows you to focus on what matters most, results.

Specifications for Archer Analysis Unlimited

Cloud computing resources allocated

  • Dedicated, private Amazon head node
  • 1TB Storage volume (more as needed)
  • Rolling 3-day head node backup included
  • Scalable compute nodes and storage for compute nodes


  • Create and configure your own logins and permissions of software and accounts
  • Version updates provided as requested
  • Remote support provided for Analysis and Analysis unlimited

Get started with Analysis Unlimited

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Other ways to access Archer Analysis

Archer Analysis Virtual Machine Request a virtual machine

Archer Analysis packaged as a virtual machine for installation on your own hardware behind your firewall.

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