Solid Tumor

The Archer® VariantPlex Solid Tumor panel is a targeted sequencing assay that simultaneously detects and characterizes single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy number variations (CNVs) and insertions and deletions (indels) in 67 genes associated with solid tumors.
Key Features
Low input requirements

Greater target recovery for low-input FFPE samples.


Molecular barcoding enables robust and accurate CNV calling.

Simple workflow

Lyophilized reagents and in-line fragmentation for rapid turn-around time.

Better Data

Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry produces higher-complexity libraries for maximum data.

Specifications and Performance


Gene Targets


Total Target Size

≥ 10ng

Input DNA required

> 94%

Coverage uniformity > 20% mean

2.5 hours

Hands-on Time

1 Day

Total Time



Fresh Frozen or FFPE

Sample Types

†Expected coverage uniformity at the recommended read depth.
‡input recommendations for FFPE samples vary depending on Archer PreSeq® DNA QC score. 50ng input recommended in absence of PreSeq screening

Gene Targets


Copy number variation (CNV) CNV

NeeD to Modify Your Panel?

Add any of our wet lab-validated designs to this panel with Archer Assay Designer to build an assay that fits your exact requirements.

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