Solid Tumor

Archer® Solid Tumor tests provide a targeted sequencing approach that includes commercial RUO products and services for therapy optimization and cancer monitoring. In addition, we are developing products and services for regulated clinical diagnostics. This approach combines FusionPlex®, VariantPlex®, LiquidPlex™ and Immunoverse™, collectively referred to as ArcherPlex™ to characterize gene fusions, CNVs and other variants from a single, low-input FFPE sample and liquid biopsy.
Key Features
Unified Workflow

All Archer panels are powered by Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry and thus follow the same workflow for maximum efficiency.

Confident Variant Calling

Powerful bioinformatics combined with orthogonal variant verification.

Comprehensive Tumor Profiling

Get the most information from your sample - fusions, CNVs, SNVs, indels and expression levels.


Create from scratch or modify either panel to match the pace of discovery.

Internal cross verification

Detecting somatic mutations in RNA, DNA and ctDNA provides internal cross verification. Not only can fusions be verified by a detected expression imbalance, but CNVs and expression profiles can verify or classify oncogenic mechanisms. Also, SNVs found in both RNA and DNA can confirm the presence of the mutation, expression and potential allelic imbalance. Concordance studies have never been so powerful and easy to perform.

Solid Tumor Panels

Catalog panels that are on the shelf and ready for delivery

RNA Input

  • 3 Genes
  • 1M Reads
  • 14 Genes
  • 500K Reads
  • 75 Genes
  • 3M Reads
  • 53 Genes
  • 3M Reads
  • 36 Genes
  • 1.5M Reads

DNA Input

  • 67 Genes
  • 2.5M Reads
  • 31 Genes
  • 1M Reads
Pre-bundled panels that complement each other to deliver comprehensive mutation profiling from solid tumors and liquid biopsies
Predesigned panels that can be delivered in 3-4 weeks

RNA Input

  • 10 Genes
  • 500k Reads
  • 5 Genes
  • 500k Reads

DNA Input

  • 20 Genes
  • 750k Reads

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