Starter Panels

Starter Panels

Archer® Starter Panels are 16-reaction panels that enable first-time users to test an Archer assay without a big commitment. Starter panels are available for the LiquidPlex™, FusionPlex® and VariantPlex® panels.

Starter Panel Components

All Archer Starter Panels include gene-specific primers, easy-to-handle lyophilized enzymes and Illumina or Ion Torrent platform-specific reagents to generate targeted sequencing-ready libraries for 16 samples. Like the standard panels, Archer PreSeq QC assays for FusionPlex and VariantPlex panels are also included.

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Key Features

Assay-specific primers

Gene-specific primers enable amplification of your targets of interest 


Each panel includes lyophilized enzymes and platform-specific reagents for library prep 

PreSeq QC Assay

Simple qPCR assay to test sample quality prior to next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation for FusionPlex and VariantPlex panelsProduct Page Updates

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.