What is the benefit of retaining strand specific information in your NGS library?


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Tumor specimens are commonly preserved as FFPE samples. Unfortunately formalin fixation can often cause base deamination, resulting in sequencing artifacts. For example, a cytosine on the negative strand is deaminated into a uracil. In traditional opposing primer-based enrichment, the uracil is transcribed into an adenine and the artifact is amplified during PCR. Because amplification occurs before any type of adapters are added to the amplicons, strand specificity is lost, and therefore the sequence analysis will cause a false-positive C to T single nucleotide variant. On the other hand, Anchored Multiplex PCR-based enrichment identifies these deamination events because Molecular Barcode Adapters are ligated to the DNA prior to amplification. Combined with strand- specific primers, AMP maintains the ability to differentiate between positive and negative strand readouts during sequence analysis. So the same C to T transition detected on all negative strands clearly indicates a false-positive SNV, and thus no mutation is called. Let's take a look at actual sequencing data. If this were data from opposing primer-based enrichment, the prevalence of a C to T transition in an FFPE screen would indicate an NRAS G13D variant prevalent in non-small cell lung cancer. But because AMP preserves strand specificity, all of the C to T transitions were detected on the negative strand, demonstrating with extremely high statistical confidence that this was, in fact, an FFPE deamination. Anchored Multiplex PCR is better than traditional opposing primers because strand-specific priming allows you to identify and correct for deamination events that would otherwise lead to false-positive results

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.