Technology Platform

Technology Platform

Simply decoding cancer’s complexity

Our panels enable any molecular lab to generate high-quality sequencing results to turn liquid and tissue biopsies into powerful genomic insights.

Our next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform combines proprietary chemistry, a streamlined workflow and powerful analytics to provide meaningful insights.

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Proprietary chemistry

Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) target enrichment chemistry at the core of our products

Quantitative NGS

Molecular barcodes (MBC) enable unique molecule identification for powerful statistical advantages.

Partner-agnostic fusion detection

Specialized adapter for open-ended amplification and robust novel fusion detection from RNA

Optimal capture

Uni-directional priming allows for optimal capture efficiency of short, degraded FFPE or ctDNA fragments.

High Sensitivity

Strand specificity and MBCs power industry-leading error correction for ultra-low allele frequency detection.

Streamlined workflow

Easy-to-use reagents are shipped in a convenient pre-packaged format

Fast library preparation

2.5 hours hands-on time with library prepared in 8-10 hours total.​

Reproducible results

Regardless of expertise.

No master mixes

Test kits contain lyophilized reagents that reduce pipetting events and chance of human error.

Flexible to scale.

Test kits are provided in 8-strip tubes or 96-well plates.

Powerful analytics

Bioinformatics software allows for data control and provides easily understandable outputs

Confident results

Our Analysis leverages MBCs for advanced statistical support and outlier detection.

Tiered results interpretation and reporting

Simple in-line visualization for quick review or take a deep dive into the data. Fit to your lab needs. Provided as a virtual machine to install behind your firewall, or as a secure-cloud based instance.


Robust API for LIMS and clinical interpretation integration.

Inherent technological advantages




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