One powerful platform. Endless potential.

Analysis platform produces highly confident gene mutation detection from RNA, DNA and ctDNA sources. The simple user interface paired with in-line visualization enables powerful and clear reporting. Since Analysis allows for third party integration and deploys securely to the cloud or on a server, it is likely to fit within your lab infrastructure.

The versatile bioinformatics platform automates processing of sequencing data generated from all of our next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels.

Key Features

Powerful Variant Detection

Purpose-built to harness the power of Anchored Multiplex PCR chemistry for sensitive known and novel fusion detection, SNVs, Indels, CNVs, expression and immune profiling.

Web-Based Interface

Our Analysis is built for fast and secure access using a web browser. The lack of a dedicated App ensures cross-platform compatibility. 

Purpose-Built Workflows

With advanced user and group permissions and a sample-centric model, Archer Analysis is designed for rapid and efficient case management.

Decision Support Tools

Our Analysis supports user curated databases, customizable PDF reports and integration with third party interpretation services. Get answers rather than raising more questions. 

Adaptable Data Processing

Our Analysis is designed to integrate into your ecosystem with automation options. 

Rapid Results

Analyze hundreds of samples simultaneously to deliver fast turnaround time and quickly get actionable results.

Retain Control of Your data

Our Analysis is available as a private cloud-based instance or a virtual machine that can be installed on your own hardware behind your firewall.

In-line fusion database
Access to Quiver, our curated database of known gene fusions involved in cancer. The database includes internally curated data and entries imported from publicly available sources. 

Analysis Unlimited is a private cloud-based instance of Analysis that can handle hundreds of samples simultaneously to deliver rapid analysis times without any expensive hardware or associated maintenance.

Easily Understandable Outputs

Receive easily understandable readouts with relevant information for interpretation.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.