Simple and fast sequencing library preparation

Combined with lyophilized, single-use reagents, tech-friendly workflows reduce labor, minimize the potential for user error and eliminate the need for master mixes no matter what panel you choose.

NGS assays were designed with simplicity in mind. All assays are powered by AMP™ enrichment chemistry, which means that the protocols significantly overlap between product lines.

Key Features

Easy To Use Reagents

Reagents are lyophilized (freeze-dried) for ease of use and packaged into single-use tube strips to avoid contamination and reproducible results in any hand.

Flexible Formats

Panels are available in 8-tube strips or 96-tube reaction plates for run size flexibility.

Unified Workflows

All tests leverage AMP enrichment chemistry so workflows significantly overlap. Our products can be run individually or easily batched to provide flexibility of throughput.


With as little as 2.5 hours hands-on time and 9 hours total time, answers can be quickly turned around.