Purpose-Built Chemistry

Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) Target Enrichment Chemistry

At the heart of every Archer® assay is AMP, a target enrichment chemistry developed by molecular pathologists to create target-enriched libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS). AMP leverages the power of unidirectional gene-specific primers (GSPs), sample indexes and molecular barcodes for multiplex targeted NGS using low-input clinical sample types such as FFPE sections. AMP proprietary chemistry is flexible, so it can be used for applications in targeted RNA sequencing, genomic DNA sequencing and various genotyping applications.

Molecular barcodes (MBCs)

Adapters ligated to molecules before amplification carry MBCs that enable unique molecule counting and error correction for confident mutation calling.

Strand-specific priming

Dual, independent coverage across target regions ensure that some reads are retained when one primer drops out due to primer-blocking SNVs.

Unique start sites

Open-ended amplification gives flexibility for novel fusion detection in RNA and strand-specific bidirectional coverage in DNA.


Targets can be added to assays to match the pace of discovery without negatively impacting assay performance.

Low-input FFPE

AMP chemistry was purpose-built for highly fragmented low-yield sample types such as FFPE.

Application flexibility

From cancer and germline diseases to immune repertoire and beyond, AMP chemistry can power new sequencing applications.

RNA Chemistry
DNA Chemistry

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