Archer DNA Reagent Kit v2

Archer Universal DNA Reagents are now included in all Archer VariantPlex kits.

Archer Universal DNA Reagents are now included in all Archer VariantPlex kits. Effective February 5th, 2016 all Archer VariantPlex Kits will include all buffers, enzymes, reagents previously provided separately in Archer Universal Reagent Kits, v2. PreSeq QC Assays will also be combined into the new kit format. Archer MBC Adapters will continue to be provided separately to preserve flexibility and index diversity.

Please note that while the product number for the kits have changed, the formulations, component part numbers and shipping conditions have not. Individual assay components will be provided with lot numbers and expiration dates. Furthermore, there will be no increase in the price of the historical components that make up the new kit format.

Have any questions about the change in format? Please contact us at or chat with an online representative

Universal DNA Reagent Kit v2

Now included in all FusionPlex Kits



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The Archer® Universal DNA Reagent Kit Version 2 includes all reagents necessary for the NGS library preparation. In combination with Archer Molecular Barcodes and a VariantPlex™ Panel, the Archer Universal DNA Reagent Kit v2 utilizes Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP) to generate sequencing ready, amplified genomic targets.

  • Completely lyophilized workflow reduces chance of contamination or user error
  • Simple, user friendly steps allow for less than 2.5 hours hands on time in a 6-hour total library prep
  • In-line fragmentation
  • Low input requirements - as low as 10ng for SNPs, Indels, and 50ng for CNVs
Universal Reagent Kit

User-Friendly Workflow


Prescreen your samples with an Archer PreSeq DNA QC Assay

  • Simple qPCR assay shows sample quality prior to NGS library preparation
  • Rescue low quality samples with sample-specific input recommendations
  • Predict expected sensitivity for each sample and limit false negatives

The workflow is a series of sequential transfers of input nucleic acid into tubes that contain lyophilized pellets of all of the enzymes and buffers required for each reaction step.

  • Fragmentation, End Repair, dA-tailing - input DNA is fragmented up to 1kb and the ends are blunted, phosphorylated and adenylated to prepare for adapter ligation
  • Adapter ligation - MBC adapters are ligated to the end-polished DNA
  • First PCR - target regions are selectively amplified using gene-specific primer 1 (GSP1)
  • Second PCR - target regions are further enriched with a nested gene-specific primer 2 (GSP2)

Lyophilized Reagents


The reagents are lyophilized, and single reactions are aliquoted into 8-tube strips, eliminating the need to make master mixes and minimizing the risk of sample cross contamination. The pouch labels and tubes for each step are also color coded for easy identification.

Modular Assay Design

The Archer VariantPlex system is a reliable method to generate target-specific libraries for next-generation sequencing. The modular nature of the system ensures platform compatibility and accurate library preparation. To generate a library for sequencing, you will need one of each of the following:

  • An application-specific VariantPlex Assay
  • Platform-specific Molecular Barcode (MBC) adapters
  • A platform-specific Universal DNA Reagent Kit v2

Archer VariantPlex Assay

Gene-specific primers that enable amplification on your specific targets of interest

Universal DNA Reagent Kit

Platform-specific kits that contain lyophilized enzymes and reagents for library prep

Molecular Barcode Adapters (MBCs)

Platform-specific half-functional universal adapters for quantitative analysis

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